Top 3 Food Blogs You Need To Check Out

Pinch of Yum

Girl and the Kitchen


1. Pinch of Yum By Lindsay Ostrom

Here are a few reasons Pinch of Yum is in my top three favorite food blogs. Lindsay, the Pinch of Yum’s creator, is an incredible food photographer (which I admire). Truly, I also look up to Lindsay for building a successful food blog that has allowed her to quit her teaching job and become a full-time food blogger. Her husband was also able to quit his job and work alongside Lindsay (which I dream this for my husband and me). Lastly, they are twin cities residence like me.

I’m so grateful Pinch of Yum showed up in my life shortly after I started writing my blog. After being introduced to Pinch of Yum, I discovered Food Blogger Pro, a sister company of Pinch of Yum. In brief, I believe between Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro continue to impact my growth as a blogger.

Food Blogger Pro is a platform where you can learn how to start, grow and monetize your food blog. On this platform, they offer video content which is very helpful for me as a visual learner. In addition to a fantastic community forum where questioned are answered quickly.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, Bjork (Lindsay’s husband) hosts a Food Blogger Pro podcast, where you can gain incredible knowledge for FREE just by listening. As a result, the Food Blogger Pro membership and podcast allowed me to learn about blogging and build my network, which has impacted my blogging journey.

2. Girl and The Kitchen by Mila Furman

As a Yelp elite member, I had the opportunity to participate in Mila Fuhrman‘s summer salad-making cooking classes. She taught the audience many tips and techniques while preparing three delicious and easy summer salads.

Since I took that cooking class, I have continued to be drawn to Mila and admire her badass boss vibes as a personal chef.

Mila invited me to a zoom interview with her, which I felt the honor to be chosen and spend time with her. This interview helped Mila understand what her audience wants to learn while creating the masterclass.

Suppose you are looking to learn tips and techniques to make cooking easier and clean up not so overwhelming. In that case, I highly suggest taking the FREE master class where she teaches how to cook delicious and wholesome meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Mila is truly an incredible teacher and has taught me so much as I continue to be eager to learn how to cook.

Lastly, I would like to share a kitchen tool I saw Mila using during the summer salad cooking class. As shown in the photo below, Mila uses an immersion blender to make a salad dressing. Surprisingly I had never known immersion blenders existed. During the Yelp class, I was able to ask questions in the chatbox, and she answered them all, including my question on the brand of immersion blender she was using during the class. As a result of the class, I purchased an immersion blender for myself and have fallen in love with it as it has made cooking easier.

Here you can find an easy low carb recipe where I used the immersion blender to blend cauliflower rice.

3. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen (wife to John Legend)

Let’s be honest; I love Cravings so much because I love Chrissy so much! I genuinely enjoy Chrissy’s foodie passion. Chrissy not only blogs and has delicious recipes, but she also has her cookware product line.

In addition to the Cravings blog, I enjoy following her on Instagram and seeing all of the food she makes, orders, and reviews. Beyond all of the food in Chrissy’s Instagram stories, you become more acquainted with her and her family as well. John (Chrissy’s husband) is a perk to watching her stories because he is involved from time to time, and I find him to be so dreamy.

Visit the Cravings blog to discover new recipes, & shop the latest cookware.

Lastly, comment below which recipe you try and the food blog where you found the recipe.

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