Tina’s Tea Time Talks is a self-love podcast. The podcast offers a safe space to learn how to first love yourself. FLY.

My podcast can be found on many different platforms, including Spotify, Anchor, and Apple

I have been passionate about starting a podcast for quite some time. At times, fear got in the way, along with where I start and how I do this. For a long time, I also didn’t know what I would choose for my topic. Since I have been living with more courage than fear, I figured it was time to begin.

I have been managing my self-love Instagram MISSGYPSYLION and knew self-love is something I’m passionate about sharing. I knew I could continue to reach an audience on this and that many people have a problem with self-love, as did I for most of my life.

Living most of my life as an obese person, it was evident the love for myself was not there; otherwise, I would nourish and respect my body more than I had been. It was not until I lost over 100 lbs with VSG surgery that I started to appreciate and love myself more. After losing the weight, I noticed I still lacked happiness and peace. I went on a journey, then working on my mental health and then onto my spiritual well-being. I can now say I have joy and peace. It took a few years to get there, starting with the weight loss to now, but WORTH IT. You have to be willing to put the work in and invest in yourself. Prioritize yourself.

After losing a lot of weight, when I would look in the mirror, it was challenging to notice the difference in my body. I saw an overweight person. When working on my mental health, I was able to gain many new skills, including mindfulness. Mindfulness brought me so much awareness, including how I thought about myself and treated myself. I began to work on how I was loving myself and not loving myself. My transformation is meaningful, and I know by sharing my story and what I have gained, I can help you achieve love and skills to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

My hope with the podcast is to teach you how to love yourself first. I know it may feel selfish at first, but honestly, you come first. We don’t need to be negatively judging ourselves or shaming ourselves. The time is now to honor yourself. You are worthy of filling your cup up with love for yourself.

Are you nterested in learning about some of the equipment I use while recording? I have a Blue Yeti Microphone I use when recording my podcast on my Macbook Pro and a smaller basic microphone when recording with my iPhone 11. I’m currently recording with Anchor, which pushes the podcast recording out to many platforms.

If you have a topic of interest you would like me to discuss, don’t hesitate to comment on your ideas in the comment section. I would genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

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