The Best Kitchen Appliance & 6 Tips On How To Use It

Currently, we are celebrating the season of being grateful and giving. This Ninja Air Fryer is an outstanding appliance to gift this holiday season to anyone from a college student to someone who is trying to prepare healthier food. This fryer can achieve max crisp on french fries (butternut squash fries pictured), chicken wings, and corn dogs. This air fryer will boost anyone’s kitchen game and is has easy clean up too. Air-frying is such a delicious alternative to your favorite fried foods. Eat them with less guilt and less oil. Air-fry or air roast for a perfectly cooked meal.

I can now confidently review and give this Ninja Air-fryer a five star review after owning it for over a year and trying many different veggies & meats and even homemade to store-bought appetizers. This appliance is my go-to appliance, along with my immersion blender and my cast iron.

Here is what I would like to give you this holiday season as I’m grateful for your support. I want to share some air fryer tips with you to help you feel confident about using your kitchen appliance.

Basket of wings above is too full

Air fryer Tips:

  • Don’t overfill the basket. You don’t want anything touching the heating element on top, and you don’t want things to layered as you won’t get even cooking.
  • Shake the basket to flip food or turn the food with tongs halfway through the process to get even cooking
  • Mix your spices with oil before applying to make sure they stick and down blow away
  • Use foil or parchment paper at the base for quicker cleanup.
  • Preheat air fryer 3-5 minute before using
  • Remove any clutter or objects around the air fryer and pull away from wall while using (like pictured above)

Air-fried Brussel sprouts and air fried tuna steaks make for a great date night meal. The air-fryer cooks a whole tilapia to a golden crisp, making for a great stay home date night meal.

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Mashed Potatoes not cooked in air-fryer

Check out this quick & delicious salmon air fryer recipe! Not interested in salmon? I also have a tasty air fryer meat pie recipe.

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