My Self-Discovery Wellness Journey

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my website! I appreciate the support and excited we are crossing paths. On this page I want to share a little bit of my story and how I got to where I am now. Let’s start with the younger years.

Growing up I lived in a toxic environment, which created feelings of loneliness, loss, anger, fear, and worry. Ever since I was a young child I was overweight, which created a lot of insecurities and lack of confidence. None of this helped with feeling good about myself.

The greatest gift of all LIFE

For my 30th birthday, I gave myself the best gift ever! I gave myself a second chance at life! I got the vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery two days before my 30th birthday. I had zero complications with this surgery and am very pleased with the results. My highest weight was 275 pounds and my lowest was 148 pounds after surgery. After losing all the weight I was noticing I was still struggling with happiness, feeling comfortable, and relationships.

At my first appointment starting the surgery process

After working on my physical health I decided it was very important to find comfort, peace, and love. Gaining better physical health was great as I gained energy, the movement was easier, and I was noticed more. I was just noticing I was still having a hard time with relationships with others and myself. I needed to gain a balance with my emotions, love for myself and others. I decided to do individual therapy and group therapy which was life-changing. This is where I found the biggest and greatest shift in my life. I started to prioritize myself and my wellness in many areas. The therapy I completed allowed me to gain many skills. Therapy gave me a chance to learn acceptance of things I cannot change, gain confidence, love myself, have a more positive outlook(mindset shift), gain appreciation and so many more.

After completing the therapy I decided to start a spiritual journey. During this spiritual journey, I started honoring the moon and sun, did some reiki healings, created a mediation space in my house, journaling, and some yoga. I was learning new ways to keep myself centered. My spiritual journey then turned into a religious journey. I started drawing myself closer to God. I began a deeper relationship with Him. Allowing this deeper relationship with Him and prioritizing self-love I have found a balance in my anxiety, no longer feel lonely, and have gained the confidence I need. I have found PEACE, joy, healing and I continue to prioritize God, myself, learning, growing, sharing and giving to others. I no longer use anxiety medication to maintain the peace in my mind but I use God, my skills, and prioritize self-love. 

Mother Nature and Mediation = PEACE

Through all my current self-discovery experiences I have learned to develop a new relationship with food. In the past, I was not concerned with ingredients and nutrition facts. I was a fast food and junk food kind of gal. I now believe it is important to be mindful of what we consume as food can really control our mind and body. Food is healing/medicine and I have learned to listen to when my body speaks and continue to try to create a better version of myself (although I’m still learning and not perfect). Through the self-discovery process I have learned many new things about myself and I still love food, but have gained a true passion for cooking! I would like to use this Harmonized Kitchen space to share with you recipes, self-love and anything related to cooking/food.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and why I’m sharing this space with you. May God bless you on your journey and if you are struggling with loneliness, anger, anxiety or feeling lost I pray he lays his healing hands on you, wraps his comforting arms around you so you feel loved and not alone.