About Me

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my website! I appreciate the support and excited we are crossing paths.

Enjoying the present moment of my journey

I’m Tina, and I’m a food and lifestyle blogger. I was born and raised in Minnesota and still reside here with my husband, Yomi, and puppy, River. I love FOOD, being outdoors, crafting, mindfulness, photography, socializing, and learning.

I blog because I want to share the JOY of feeling confident and comfortable cooking and being in the kitchen with you. I went from obese 275lbs to losing over 100 lbs—this transformation created a healthier version of me and excitement to be in the kitchen. I now feel comfortable and confident to cook versus eating most of my meals out. I do appreciate an occasional meal out, but I love how I can use my creativity to create meals in my kitchen. IT IS SO SATISFYING! Plus, I know what ingredients are in the food I eat, and it’s cooked to my preference.

My goal with Harmonized Kitchen is to inspire you to be more confident to cook at home, but also appreciate a dining out experience too. I want to teach you the things I have learned to be the healthiest version of myself and help you achieve more of a positive mindset by inspiring you with what I share and teach.