Daily Black & White Self Portrait During Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s day 3 of working virtually from home, day 3 that I went to the grocery store as I felt I needed to stock up, but day 1 of gloomy skies.

My grocery shopping experience during COVID-19

Monday was the first day I stayed home from work. 
In the morning I decided it would be a good idea for me to get some groceries. I really believe I will be spending a long time at home!! While at the store Monday there definitely were items sold out, but the food was available! The store seemed busier than usual. 

Tuesday I decided that I would need to make a trip to Sam’s club to get more food (my husband is still at work). Sam’s club was busy. I saw a parent with two teenagers with a deep freezer and a grocery cart full of food. I asked the store clerk if there was toilet paper and when would they have more (that was undetermined). Things like bread, meat, and water were sold out.
While in Sam’s club, I really enjoyed exchanging smiles with others in the store – FOCUS ON WHAT WE CAN GIVE & DO! I also chose to go through the line with a cashier versus self check out because I wanted the human connection and to share kindness while having that experience. 

Now, Wednesday, 3/18/20, I decided I needed to go to Aldi again. Tuesday night we realized we only had 4 eggs left. My husband went to Aldi Tuesday night and found the hours of the store had been adjusted for cleaning and restocking. When I arrived at Aldi, at 9:02 this morning (opening time was 9:00 am) the parking lot was already pretty full and people were entering. I made it to the carts where 2 were left. I began to insert my quarter to release the cart and I heard someone say “ hold that one for me”. The person was elderly (70-75 age) I held the cart for her until she came near. She looked at me and said, “This is weird” and I replied with, “I know, but stay safe”. When I got inside many people and clerks were working fast to put out produce. I noticed the store had toilet paper so I made my first stop. While at the toilet paper section an elderly person came up to me with her roller bag and she asked me which was the better buy. I helped her and she thought two packages is what she could handle to walk home and roll her cart. I helped her load the roller bag with the toilet paper.

With all these changes happening in the world and trying to develop the new normalcy I decided to take a daily photo of myself for a project. Day 1 of my project starts on day 3 of virtually working and social distancing. I’m going to do a daily photo of myself while staying home away from the virus.
We are experiencing change, fear, panic, but we are also tapping into creativity. I want anyone who is focusing on what we DON’T have right now to try and train yourself to focus on what we do have. 

I have always wanted to work from home. This is giving me that chance to have the experience. Create a temporary new routine for daily living.


3/19/20 Today, I accepted this space is where I will be spending a lot of time working. This photo is me at my desk just before I filmed a cooking video in my kitchen. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to visit my youtube channel Mindful Gypslion. I appreciate the space I have and to be able to work from home.

Today I visited the Fleet Farm store to fulfill my urge to purchase a house plant. While at Fleet Farm, I did not buy a house plant as I planned. Instead, I bought two bags of candy that I ended up binging eating. While at Fleet Farm, I was observing a lot of people surrounding the weapon counter. Seeing this made me feel a bit more fearful.

IT’S TIME FOR THE WEEKEND AT HOME! The highlight of this day for me was doing a virtual craft time with a good friend! My friend was virtually crafting with me from Chicago, IL. During craft time, I choose to paint Reptar (dinosaur from The Little Rugrats) on jeans. I love doing crafts as it is calming for me.

Today I got dressed and out of my pajamas! There was sun too, which was very exciting. I also choose to wear my shirt to remember God is the light in the darkness.

This lovely portrait intended audience was my husband. I was sending a virtual kiss, while he is at work and I STAY HOME!

Today I now shed a few tears out of fear, sadness, and loneliness. Daily I’m all alone while my husband is out working two jobs. I began to worry about him bringing back the virus as he is choosing to help people doing Instacart. This is getting to be very uncomfortable.

After several gloomy and rainy days, the sun came to visit! I’m sitting outside on the balcony after a very hot bath. I figure it would be nice to sit in the high 30-degree weather and cool down from a hot bath. My favorite is letting the sun beat on my face. The fresh air is imperative to our mental health status right now. I also did go out of my home again today. It was so fun to interact with the barista at the caribou drive-thru. A friend also stopped by to visit me and we stayed in the parking lot to visit.

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