Baldamar, Roseville-MN

This is going to be my new favorite place to be visiting. I checked out the all day happy hour menu on Sunday and look forward to going back tomorrow for the lunch menu!

Everything was impeccable from the beautiful building on the outside with two gorgeous large potted plants near the doorway which was large wooden doors that lead to a set of doors with the little HI message on the front.

Once entered into the building we were greeted by three staff who stood by a beautiful wooden wall (if I remember correctly they were honeycomb shaped wood pieces).

We choose to sit on the bar side in a booth. The booth backs go up fairly high which allows privacy. The booths were comfortable and soft.

The tables were decorated with salt and pepper grinder, grayish cloth napkins, and a gold candle holder with what appeared to be an oil candle. At the end of the booth they had hooks for jackets.

The whole place was so clean, the bathroom was clean and I enjoyed the cloth towels for hand drying. I also noticed that on both sides of the toilet were two different hand bars for people who may need them. I preferred the tall wooden doors they used in restrooms allowing full privacy. The gender signs on outside of bathroom were comical although I’m not a fan of not having a gender neutral bathroom.

The staff were polite, funny and my server Jenn was authentic and I loved that. She made me giggle a few times.

The ambiance was amazing from the lights, to wall art and to the music. It all made for a mellow and romantic setting.

The FOOD! Wow! So delicious! We ate the lobster sliders, sweet potato fries and the Sriracha glazed chicken wings. The sweet potato fries were coated in a cornstarch to make them nice and crispy. I truly enjoyed both dipping sauces they were served with which was a vinegar and lemon mayo type sauces. This was all served on a wooden tray. The wings my husband devoured and he loves extremely spicy food as he is from a different culture where spicy spicy food is common in the dishes he is used too. He even found these wings to be spicy (when we typically go out places don’t have spicy enough food for him). The sauce from the wings had great heat and found it to also be flavorful. The lobster slider I wish I would have slowed down while eating because I would have enjoyed it even more, but I inhaled it.

The food is delicious and I would definitely recommend Baldamar for everything mentioned above.

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