Are you looking to try a new burger dive?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Burger Dive in Saint Paul, MN

Burger Dive Menu

Interested in ordering take-out? The image below has the simple steps to place an order from the menu above.

The scrumptious burger has a delicious buttery toasted bun with a succulent patty. The crispy bacon crumbles add great flavor and crunch to this juicy satisfying wedge burger with homemade blue cheese dressing.

Wedge Burger

The appetizing fish sandwich consists of buttery toasted buns that hold two crispy and fluffy battered fish fillets place on a bed of coleslaw. The fillets are flavored with a creamy homemade tartar sauce that drip down the sides of the fish.

The presentation and the taste of food is not the only thing that gives Burger Dive five stars. The customer service went beyond my expectations. The environment at Burger Dive feels safe with the dividers placed between customers at the bar and booths, and they seat customers in the dining area 6 feet or more, allowing a safe space between everyone. At this moment, our state is only allowing take out, so I am strongly encouraging if you have a burger craving to support this NEW LOCAL delicious dive.

Comment with your favorite place in the Twin Cities, MN, to order tacos? I’m looking to try a new place to order take-out from.

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