Are You Looking For A Tastefully Simple Consultant?

Back on October 1st, 2020, I became a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant. Being a Tastefully Simple consultant allows me to tap into my passion for food photography/videography, recipe developing, product reviewing, connection, and leading.

About Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple is based out of Alexandria, MN, and has been opened for over 25 years (I’m also from Minnesota). The company sells food products and meal kits to help you bring flavor to mealtime with ease. The products don’t only have delicious flavor; Tastefully Simple makes mealtime simple to prepare.

If you are looking for a Tastefully Simple Consultant, look no further I can help you. Join my Facebook page where I share recipes, deals (coupon codes), new products, and so much more. You don’t have Facebook, that’s ok. I’m also on Tiktok and Instagram.

Click here to shop for various products, each offering different benefits for your health needs or saving you time in the kitchen, like the Freezer to Oven meal kit. Whether you want products but rather earn rewards such as FREE items, then hosting may be the best option. I party online Facebook style. You invite your friends, and we party virtual style, and you earn rewards. Don’t have Facebook, that’s ok; we can do a catalog party for you and your friends.

On Halloween, I had fun playing with food (I highly encourage playing with your food ). I used Tastefully Simple’s Giddyup Guacamole to create Frankenstein vibes along with some of Tastefully Simple Monster Cookie Dough.

You can also confidently serve a Frankenstein guacamole dip check here for the blog post recipe.

This product is in my top 5 favorites of Tastefully Simple

Razzy Red Pepper Oil – Taste a kick of smoky spice flavor from the roasted red peppers. You can drizzle the oil over salads to intensify the flavors of greens and fresh veggies like I did or even……..

Also, I pan-fried shaved beef in the Tastefully Simple Red Pepper Oil and Cha Cha Chile Lime Shrimp and added them to a bamboo toothpick to make mini skewer appetizers.

Salad Recipe

Check out this recipe I developed with the Vidalia Onion Dressing! This dressing is tasty on salads or incorporated into your cooking. I love adding it to homemade meatballs.

In any event, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can message me on any platform mentioned above or email me:

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